Electrician Training Bury St Edmunds

Electrician Training Bury St Edmunds

Have you always wanted to be an electrician? Then our electrician training in Bury St Edmunds could be the start of an amazing career. Suitable for those looking to start their career within the field and those who want to expand their knowledge, Thompson Training Ltd has an array of courses that will help you to get your dream career. If you want to learn from home, we have a variety of courses that you can take, alongside the exams.

Alternatively, if you want to work within a classroom, we can offer that. Whatever method you choose, you will be able to complete your studies with a high standard of teaching and support throughout. Once your studies have come to an end, you will be able to continue your studies or begin demonstrating what you have learnt with us with a potential client/employer.

What Courses Do You Offer?

We have a wide range of electrician courses, suitable for those just starting out and those wanting to expand on their current qualifications. From 18th Edition 1-3 day courses to NVQ courses and more, we will teach you the important skills needed to become a qualified electrician. To find out more about what course is appropriate for you, you can get in contact with us via the number below and we will take you through the variety of courses that are suitable for your requirements.

Work Based Assessment

We offer a work based assessment which has practical elements. Throughout this course, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge through assignments, exams and a practical assessment. A great way of furthering your skills within the field, it has a mixture of in-class tuition and distance learning and can be taken at your own pace.

Distance Learning

As mentioned above, if you aren’t living with the area of Bury St Edmunds, you can always choose to complete your courses through distance learning. Many of our courses allow for this, giving you greater freedom to work from home. Study at a time that’s convenient for you, at a pace that you are comfortable with. Ideal for those who have a busy home life, you will be able to complete the qualification within your own time without having to travel to our classrooms.

Electrician Training Bury St Edmunds

Our courses are suitable for those with no experience and those who are looking to upgrade their skills. If it’s the latter, we offer a portable appliance testing course, an AM2 course and other options that are guaranteed to suit. If you are looking to gain foundational knowledge about what it takes to become an electrician and the skills that you need to acquire, we have a range of NVQ (level 2 and 3) courses.

Want to Find Out More About Our Electrician Training Bury St Edmunds?

Enquire about a course today by getting in contact with us by calling 01284 764079 or by emailing courses@thompsontrainingltd.com. Alternatively, if you already know the course that you want to apply for, fill in one of our enrolment forms available on our website.