18th Wiring Regs Courses

18th Wiring Regs Courses

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If you work in the Electrical Industry, or want to become an electrician in the near future, it’s imperative that you satisfy your legal obligations. The 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations is a fundamental feature that all workers in the related fields must look to gain ASAP, particularly if they wish to work in the UK market.

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The 18th Wiring Regulations Courses

Any electrician wishing to complete works in the UK Electrical Industries must work under the various safety regulations. As of January 2019, all works have been required to comply with the latest (18th) edition of the Wiring Regulations.

The 18th Edition, which initially launched in July 2018, is considered the industry standard and sets out the rules and practices expected of electricians. This covers companies, sold traders, and individual employees working on behalf of businesses.

Our courses, which can be completed in-class or via distance-learning equip students with an extensive understanding of the following aspects;

Numbering systems,
Protection for safety,
Inspection and testing,
Definitions and terms used in the Regulations,
Selection and erection of equipment,
And more.

Students additionally gain a deeper insight into the relationship that the 18th Edition Wiring Regs share with regulations across various other aspects of the Electrical Industry, providing a comprehensive development that’s sure to deliver practical improvements as well as satisfy the legal requirements.

Why Thompson Training?

Here at Thompson Training, we launched our 18th Edition in September 2018, establishing our place as one of the first institutes to do so. In turn, we are able to provide the most comprehensive teachings that cover all of the main features in detail. In turn, this enables you to pass the examinations with flying colours while also feeling ready for working in the field.

As a provider of various related courses for electricians, we don’t simply prepare you for gaining your qualification. We understand that your goals ultimately revolve around progressing your career, whether that be as a contractor or an employee working for a company.

Thompson Training delivers exceptional 18th Edition training that is supported by the following features;

The versatility of learning online or in-class, or via our intense 1-day and 3-day 18th Edition courses.
Course materials that are adapted to build upon the existing knowledge of individual students rather than starting from a baseless foundation,
Competitive pricing, allowing you to gain the recognised industry-standard qualification in the fastest and most cost-effective way,
Support from a team that can help you think about plotting the next steps in your career, whether that be work or further education.

Thompson Training offers 18th Edition learning with a difference. When you want the very best service on the market, ours is the only service you need.

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